Classes start Feb 5th at Seaview Club Lovely Banks Geelong



CLASSES – Rock ‘n’ Roll Classes are held on Tuesday nights, starting 5th February, 2019 and run during Victorian school terms. Intro to Rock ‘n’ Roll classes start promptly at 6.30pm and Beyond the Basics at 7.30pm, with Social Dancing for class participants until 9pm. Bar facilities (including water) are available at the Seaview club.

PARTNERS – You do not necessarily need a partner as there will be some class rotation during the evening. Feel free to contact us if you are an individual student to assist in class balance.

WHAT TO WEAR – Comfortable clothing which allows you to move freely. Spare shirts and towels may be required for the comfort of others. Shoes should ideally be enclosed leather or suede soles which allow you to spin easily.

In the Intro to Rock ‘n’ Roll Class, we recommend students start in the first week or two as this is when the “core” basics are taught and start to become established. You can join in the Beyond the Basics Class any week during the term.

Be there or be square!